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The button is the best position to be in poker. It’s the best because you’re last to act in the betting round. This gives you a little extra information than just being in the first three. Odds are you have more information than your opponents, and you can act on that.

The small blind (but also called the “under the gun”) is the player in the first three positions to the left of the button. Because the small blind is in early position, he’s forced to act first on the flop and turn. Because he has limited information, he must bet first on the turn to have a chance of knowing whether anyone else at the table is going to bet again, and what that will be. Sometimes the small blind will bet and everyone else will fold, which gives you information. The button is the best position because you can see what everyone else does before you have to act. You can then bet or fold after the flop depending on what you know and what you think your opponents will do.

The next position is the middle position. From the middle position, you can see what everyone else does on the flop and turn, but you don’t have to bet. The big blind (also called the “riches”) is the player in the last three positions. The but also has to bet, and if nobody bets, then it’s the player in the first three positions who acts first on the flop. The third position is the small blind. This is the player who, if he’s in the first three positions, is the player who acts last on the flop.

The small blind is the player who has to act first on the turn because he doesn’t know what the other players will do. If no one bets, the small blind has a chance of getting some information from the players in the first three positions. If no one bets and the small blind checks, he can bet again on the turn if he has nothing, but if anyone bets and the small blind bets, then he must call all bets on the flop until he knows what the other players will do.

The big blind is the player in the first position who has to bet because no one else has bet. If no one bets, the big blind can check. If someone bets, the big blind can call, raise, or fold.

The big blind can represent many things in poker. For example you can visit here, the big blind can mean the blinds are in the pot already. When the blinds enter the pot, you already have a half a pot odds advantage. The big blind can also stand in for the blinds in some situations. For example, if everyone gets deep-stacked, the big blind can be sent to get some cards for everyone.

The first player to act in a heads up match is the big blind. The second player is the small blind. Heads up is played all the time and in a cash game heads up is quite rare. The majority of the time, cards will be dealt preflop and no one will consult a book for starting Hand ranks. That’s not to say that starting hands don’t matter at all in heads up play. Of course, it does. Knowing what hand to play preflop is a very important tool in making decisions later on when you’re involved in a raised pot heads up.

It’s okay to play your shutter blinds too. Even if you’re forced to see a flop with them, you should have a different understanding of them then you would in normal sized blinds. You should be able to value call small raises, especially from players who are not as experienced as you in terms of heads up play. As a rule of thumb, I like to see the flop about 75% to 90% of the time in heads up. That doesn’t apply to everyone. That varies from player to player.

Another important thing to think about in heads up poker is position. When you are in the button, or the cut off, you are in the best spot to have action on your hand. This is because you are in position to everyone else’s action. If you are in the small blind, and have called the big blind preflop, you are in position to the small blind. So in a situation where half the table is playing tight and aggressive, you are the dead money. Reaching the half way point with a weaker hand than yours is an advantage for your opponents. This becomes more apparent when you see multiple people in a hand. Imagine having 5 callers preflop. Even if you hit a big flop with the suited connector, which is about the only hand you have a small overbet, that hand has a lot of dead money.

Heads up poker will probably favor the Dealer rules than flop. But this is about waiting for your ace high cards that have some value.